New Input Request "other" option

When presenting users with multiple-choice questions, we have long supported the idea of an "other" answer.

For example, "What percent of your salary does your company match for 401(k) contributions?"

The answers could be 1%, 2%, or other/enter your own percentage.

The Variable associated with the other/enter your own answer has previously always matched the primary Backlink for the question. Today's release introduces support for assigning any Variable to the "other" question.

Take this example: "Do you have spare cash to contribute to your account?"

The multiple-choice answers are "No" and "Yes". The Variable assigned is {{Has_Other_Investment_Amount?}} If the user selects "Yes", an other/enter your own value input is expected with a different Variable: {{Investment_Amount}}. This new feature allows us to write better rules with fewer questions and more accuracy for inputs.

This new Variable will be present in the forms[].values[].otherResponseForm property.