Improved Markdown table rendering

The Taffrail Advice Builder supports Markdown syntax for writing and formatting Advice text. If you know Markdown, you know Markdown tables are... fun.


Changed `taffrail-var` web component property

There are a series of data-backlink-* properties on <taffrail-var> web components generated by the Taffrail API when using the HTML Advice Content Type.


Branch Rule

Today, we are pleased to announce a significant enhancement to our Rules Engine, namely the introduction of a new type of Rule known as a "Branch Rule."


Support for formatting vulgar fractions as their Unicode equivalent

There is now a custom Variable format available to support converting regular fractions to their Unicode equivalent. For example, 1/2 becomes ½.


Always return `opengraph` property even if `advice` is omitted

Calling all search engine gurus or marketers 📣 This is a small improvement where the API will now always return an opengraph property even if you omit the advice property when using Sparse Fieldsets.


Feature: multiple Variables per Input Request

Happy Halloween 🎃 We are excited to share the newest feature available in our API: multiple Variables per Input Request!


New `advice.examples` property structure

We added an all-new Advice API response format earlier this year, which enables a host of new development and integration options. As we expanded the testing of the API's new response body, we discovered the examples property could be much better.


Add `data-variable-is-toggleable` attribute to HTML

We added the isToggleable Variable property in the API last month, and now have added the data-variable-is-toggleable HTML attribute on the Taffrail Var in the API's generated HTML responses.

Taffrail v1

It's been a long time coming, but the Taffrail API is out of beta with this version 🎉 Since v0.12.0 we've added dozens of features and major changes, and it is now time.


New AdviceSet branch generator

To support more thorough testing as well as AI model training, we've added an all-new Advice Set decision tree branch generator. This replaces our previous capability, and does not introduce any API changes.