New Parsed Markdown Features

We are continuously improving not only the quality and breadth of our Advice but also the appearance of it. Our Advice Builder supports writing Advice in Markdown syntax, and our API can return parsed HTML when using the HTML Advice Content Type.

Today we are announcing new features to the generated HTML:

  • Each Advice element will have a data-tf attribute with the item's ID as the attribute value.
  • Tables have a new wrapping element <divclass="table=responsive"> to allow wide tables to scroll horizontally.
  • Tables also have their type referenced in the <table> tag, such as <table class="taffrail-table taffrail-table--table-wide">.
  • Any hyperlinks to external locations (websites or files) now have target="_blank" as well as rel="noopener noreferrer".
  • Horizontal rule elements have a taffrail-hr class.
  • A brand-new custom Advice Type called "collapse". This block-level nav element enables interfaces like the one shown below with the "Hide chart" text inside a horizontal rule. This can be styled however you'd like.