Enhance your digital experience with personalized advice

Taffrail offers the industry’s first API specifically designed for financial advice — what we like to call "Advice-as-a-Service". Our APIs make it possible for brokerage firms and banks to painlessly add objective, tailored recommendations to their existing apps while maintaining compliance with all regulatory obligations.

One recommendation, any channel

Whether it be your existing website, mobile app or even your virtual assistant, our API is context aware and supports conversational interfaces out of the box.

Since many recommendations programmed in Advice Builder are bite sized and action-oriented, sending push notifications is just another way to engage users.


Any guidance generated by Taffrail’s API is unequivocally risk-free because it is based on objective rules and user inputs. All rules are written in a logical and readable way which makes them easy to review and test. Once in production, each API call is archived. Compliance and product teams can review each piece of advice ever given, along with assumptions, user inputs and click-throughs.

A Relevant Safe Harbor

If you're interested in understanding more about the importance of relevance when it comes to giving automated advice, you can read about it on