Any Variable can be formatted for textual display.

The variables[].format property specifies how a value should be displayed to users. The Taffrail API will automatically apply formatting in a separate field. Formats commonly apply to Number, Percent, and Date Variables.

 "format": "0[.]0",
 "value": 1.23,
 "valueFormatted": "1.2"

For more detail, go to Variables: Format.


Our Number formatting scheme is currently based on Numeral.js.

Custom Formats

As of this version, an additional Taffrail-custom format is available to support converting regular fractions to their Unicode equivalent. For example, 1/2 becomes ½.

The Unicode fraction format (n/d) can be used in combination with Numeral number formats, like this:

  • Formatting 1.5 with the format0.0n/d would result in .
  • 1.2345 formatted as 0[.]00n/d yields 1.23.

The Numeral number format is what precedes n/d in the format string.


Numbers only

Do not attempt to format Abbreviations, Ordinals, Percentages, or Currencies with this format string, they are not supported.


Our Date formatting scheme is based on Date-Fns.