Taffrail's API methods require or permit additional information to be sent in the request parameters. We will mainly be discussing body parameters and query parameters.

Query Parameters

When using the HTTP GET method, query parameters enable you to specify what data is returned in a request. These parameters are almost always optional.

Body Parameters

Unless otherwise directed, Taffrail's API treats body parameters like query parameters. The only difference is how the data is sent to the API—GET or POST. See more in Headers.

User Inputs and Variables

A Variable is a named parameter that makes Advice possible. Variables can be used for input and are returned by the Rules Engine as a result of formulaic rules and calculations.

Any data sent in the request parameters (either query or body) can include Variables. For example:


Go deeper with Variables.

Sparse Fieldsets

Taffrail's API supports Sparse Fieldsets to limit the response data.