Taffrail User Experience

Taffrail Advice content can be integrated into your application(s) in innumerable ways. Whether Taffrail is added to your mobile app, chatbot, or website, our goal in designing how users interact with Taffrail was to make it straightforward, simple, and fast.


Our style guide uses chips to allow users to modify assumptions or input data. Chips are compact, visually distinctive elements used to represent small pieces of information or options. They are presented as rounded rectangular shapes containing text, icons, or both.

Chips are used to be visually distinctive compared to a regular link. We carefully designed chips to be used seamlessly in a headline, sentence, or table without distracting readers from the text.

Most importantly, the presence of a chip signifies that what the user is reading can be personalized, that the text inside the chip is relevant to the topic being discussed, and that the advice shown will update when the data behind the chip is changed. We call this a Backlink.

For example, the Taffrail-branded screenshot below shows 3 chips highlighted.


As explained above, our interface uses chips to allow users to modify assumptions or input data, but the chips are simply a means to an end. Pressing a chip reveals a popup showing users a form containing the options or entry fields they can change to personalize the advice shown.

In the example below, pressing the "single" chip would reveal the Backlinked tax filing status question and available choices.

Most, but not all, questions have multiple-choice answers. Some ask for direct input using numbers, dollar amounts, percentages, dates, etc.

Putting It All Together

Our Advice Embed has this chip and popup interface built in, so you don't need to develop anything to get started. We will customize the styles of the embedded content to match your brand guidelines, giving your users a seamless experience.

To build your own solution, you can recreate this same chip and popup experience using our APIs. Understanding the available Advice Content Types and how they inform Variables and Taffrail Vars to generate Backlinks is essential.