Taffrail has numerous environments designed with a specific purpose.


Preview Environment

For this documentation and its examples, we will be referring to the Preview environment most often.

All Environments

In order of descending significance, our environments and endpoints are as follows.


This is our consumer-facing, highly scalable production environment. Deploying Advice content into production requires a multistep publishing process in Advice Builder .

Endpoint: taffrail.net

Review our production launch checklist when considering deploying.


This is the environment used by Advice Builder , our custom Advice content management platform. As product owners, analysts, and other producers create Advice rules, testing and debugging happen in the Preview environment.

Endpoint: preview.taffrail.app


Our staging environment is not designed to be consumer-facing and replicates our Preview environment. In some scenarios, you may be instructed to use our Staging endpoint, which will be provided at the time.


SSL is required by default, so be sure to use the https protocol when building URLs.